Pre- and Post-Congress Tours

Sochi City Tour with an Excursion to the Arboretum (Dendrarium) 

During Sochi city tour you'll see modern architectural ensembles, monuments, squares, embankments and boulevards. You'll visit “Morvokzal” Marine Station, The Cathedral of St. Michael, “Macesta” Balneological Complex, “Riviera” Park, and the famous Sochi Arboretum, the largest subtropical park in Russia founded in 1892, with the most comprehensive collection of subtropical flora in Russia, including 76 species of pine, 80 species of oak, and 24 species of palm. The Arboretum has rich fauna. Here, you can find porcupines, coypus, raccoons, peacocks, guinea fowls, turkeys, ostriches and ducks.  The big aquarium is full of exotic coral fishes from the Indian Ocean. It is a beautiful, shadowy, and well-managed place, excellent for leisure and unhurried walking. At the end of the tour, you can ride back by cable car.
Price per person: EU 40.

Olympic Park

2014 Olympic Games have changed the face of the most popular Russian resort, they gave a great motivation to transform Sochi resort, able to compete on an international level. Olympic Park Stadium with a grand "Fischt", which took place the opening ceremony and closing ceremonies, ice sports palace "Iceberg" and other objects of the past Olympic Games attracted great attention of tourists and visitors.
Price per person: EU 45.

Krasnaya Polyana

Gorgeous hike that would lead away from the Black Sea coast. Today, thanks to the 2014 Olympic Games Krasnaya Polyana is often called the best place for sports and tourism in the country. Trampolines, ski and biathlon tracks, Olympic Village, bobsled and skeleton - all this you can see with your own eyes. On request can ride the cable car "Mountain Carousel" (ascent to the height of 2200 meters).
Price per person: EU 70.


Dolphinarium is located in the heart of the Riviera Park. Here you can see vivid performances sea "artists" - bottlenose dolphins and South American sea lions. With pleasure demonstrating talents guests dolphinarium, its spectacular performances they carry joy and love, allow to touch the dream and get a lot of positive emotions.
Price per person: EU 65. 

Tea towers

Sochi is the northern region in the world where tea is grown. By selecting this tour you will be able to learn more about tea and to taste its traditional samovars offers cakes, jams, fruits, nuts. Tea drinking is accompanied by songs and dances performed by a folk ensemble "Rus".
Price per person: EU 50.

Trout-breeding farm

Adler trout-breeding farm is the largest in Russia breeding farm for breeding and raising trout. Here bred trout "Adler" is able to live in both the river and the sea. Farm is located in a picturesque location on the river Mzymte. Excursion gives the opportunity to get acquainted with some kinds of trout, see how fish live and even feed her special food.
Price per person: EU 55.


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