Congress Program: Poster Sessions


Sunday, May 1, 10.00 18.00

Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Centre,
LA SEINE Meeting Room ABC Foyer

Poster Session


Ignacio Ansotegui
Manana Chikhladze
Zhannat Ispaeva
Kristof Nekam

Hiroshi Tanaka, Kaoru Omura, Keizo Ito, Nobuyuki Tanaka, Hiroki Takahashi   Sapporo, Japan

Chronic cough and allergic rhinitis in mushroom farm; early diagnosis using a novel method of photo-immobilized allergen microarray for detecting specific IgE and IgG

Aamir Magzoub, Asma Elsony, Omer Musa   Khartoum, Sudan

Correlation of allergic rhinitis and asthma symptoms in adult Sudanese University students and workers

Manuel S Thomas   Mangalore, India

Asthma and oral health

Prem L Bhalla, Ruby Tiwari, Mohan B Singh   Melbourne, Australia

Expression analysis of arabidopsis EXPB1, a non-allergenic homologue of grass group 1 allergens

Javier Figueroa, Dara Martinez, Anselmo Sanchez, Juan A. Garcia, Maria D. Gallego  Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain

Immediate asthma induced by metamizole with aspirin tolerance

Sami Kutlu Ozturk, Ali Kartal, Mustafa Ozgur Gulec   Istanbul, Turkey

Anaphylaxis to moxifloxacin with skin prick test

O. Elbedri, Aamir Magzoub, Omer A. Musa   River Nile State, Khartoum, Sudan

Respiratory pressure meter (RPM); could it be used as a new device in assessing airway caliber and diagnosis of asthma?

Omer Elbedri, Mohamed Elbagir Ali, Aamir Magzoub, Omer A. Musa   River Nile State, Khartoum, Sudan

Asthma diagnosis by the reversibility test of respiratory muscles power in asthmatics using the respiratory pressure meter

Ebrahim Razi, Hassan Ehteram, Hossein Akbari, Vajihe Chavoshi, Armin Razi   Kashan, Tehran, Iran

Evaluation of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in acute asthma

Giorgia Volpi, Nadia Moretto, Riccardo Patacchini, Fabrizio Facchinetti   Parma, Italy

Pharmacological inhibition of epidermal growth factor receptor modulates cigarette smoke-induced CXCL8 release but not VEGF release

Ivane Chkhaidze, N. Maglakelidze, T. Maglakelidze   Tbilisi, Georgia

Prevalence of smoking among medical and non-medical students in Tbilisi, Georgia: a cross-sectional study

Ali Seifi, Mario Menendez, Joseph Deleon  Atlantic City, USA

The orrelation between pulmonary artery pressure and pulmonary function testing in non-COPD smokers

Nahid Mohamed, Omer Musa   Wad Medani, Sudan

Asthma symptoms among Al Baraka biscuit manufacturing factory, Gezira state, Sudan

Richard Sitz, Stephen Stein    St. Paul, MN, USA

The role of the delivery device in effective asthma and COPD products

Maria De Salvo, Luisa Rey, Eleonora Bavaso, Daniel Downey, Daniel Lopez, Juan Roganovich, Leonardo Rizzo, Hector Alejandro Serra  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Non-inferiority trial between two inhalation devices for fluticasone / salmeterol dry powder in asthmatics: Diskus device vs generic dry powder inhaler

Mohammad Hossein Rahimi-Rad, Rahim Bagaei  Urmia, Iran

Practical problems with inhaler use: A call for improved patient education

Maria Restrepo C., Jorge M. Sanchez, Ricardo Cardona, Susana Diez  Medellin, Colombia

What is the difference in the effectiveness of immunotherapy in patients with different pattern of sensitization and age?

Mohammad Hossein Rahimi-Rad, Rahim Bagaei   Urmia, Iran

Adherence to treatment in asthmatic patients and related factors in outpatient clinic in a developing country

Isabelle Chapados, Darryl James Adamko, Yingqi Wu, Francis Davoine   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Immunoregulation of eosinophils by calcitriol

Maverick Lau, Erika Duan, Gary P. Anderson, Margaret L. Hibbs  Victoria, Australia

Bullous emphysema in gain of function lyn mutant mice

Fiorella Pastore, Riccardo Patacchini   Parma, Italy

Involvement of TRPA1 in ovalbumin-evoked contraction of guinea-pig trachea

Jun-lan Yao, Min Wang, Guang-huan Zhang, An-xiu Xiong   Yichang, China

The effection of melatonin in asthmatic rats

Sara AA Giha, Hisham Abdelrahim, Aamir Elmagzoub, Omer A. Musa  Khartoum, Sudan

Lung function in diabetes mellitus and thyroid problems in adult Sudanese patients

WADL Amarasiri, A. Pathmeswaran, C.D. Ranasinha, H.J. De Silva   Ragama, Sri Lanka

Peristaltic dysfunction in asthma is likely to be secondary to increased gastro-oesophageal reflux

Sinha Sukrat, Bimal Sanjiva, Sundaram Shanthy, Singh Shubhankar, Das Pradeep  Allahabad, Patna, India

An imperative role of adhesion molecules in initiating T cell proliferation in the patients suffering from visceral leishmaniasis

Nagy Sayed-Ahmed, Asmaa Hegazy, Nashwa Khayrat Abousamra, Tarek Selim, Hanan Azzam, Solafa ELshaarawy   Mansoura, Egypt

Evaluation of some hemostatic parameters in patients with end-stage renal disease: relation to dyslipidemia and hemodialysis therapy

Jelena Isakovic, Ljiljana Isakovic, Ivana Filipovic   Sokobanja, Serbia

Comparative subjective and objective parameters of life quality in patients with asthma before and after respiratory rehabilitation

Ljiljana Isakovic, Ivana Filipovic, Jelena Isakovic   Sokobanja, Serbia

Importance of respiratory rehabilitation in asthma, COPD and chronic respiratory failure - 30 years of experience in special hospital Sokobanja

Saberi Alia, Nemati Shadman, Jafari Shakib Reza, Kazemnezhad Ehsanollah, Maleki Mohammad Bagher   Rasht, Iran

The relationship between migraine and allergic rhinitis

J.V. Radenkova-Saeva, B.N. Petrunov   Sofia, Bulgaria

Respiratory complications in intravenous drug abusers

Alicia Armentia, Pedro Ruiz-Muñoz, Jorge Martínez-Quesada, Idoia Postigo, Manuel Herrero, Blanca Martín-Armentia, Javier Castrodeza   Valladolid, Vitoria, Spain

Allergy to opium-derived drugs

David Price, Mark Small, Gary Milligan  Aberdeen, Macclefield, UK

The prevalence and impact of night-time symptoms in COPD patients results of a cross-sectional study in five European countries

David Price, Mark Small, Jennifer Sayers   Aberdeen, Macclesfield, UK

Characteristics of COPD patients experiencing night-time symptoms results of a cross-sectional study in five European countries

Monday, May 2, 10.00 18.00

Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Centre,
LA SEINE Meeting Room ABC Foyer

Poster Session


Israel Amirav
Ivane Chkhaidze
Kamal Maurice Hanna

Thomas George Willgoss   Manchester, England

When am I going to get my next breath? A qualitative study of the experience of anxiety in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Dimo Dimov, Tatyana Vlaykova, Mateusz Kurzawski, Joanna Lapczuk, Anna Wajda, Vanya Ilieva, Atanas Koychev, Gospodinka Prakova, Marek Drozdzik    Stara Zagora, Bulgaria; Szczecin, Poland

IL6-174G>C and TNFA-308G>A polymorphisms in Bulgarian patients with COPD and bronchial asthma

Naushad Ahmad Khan, Nitish L Kamble, Govind Mawari, Syed Akhtar Hussain, Mradul  Kumar Daga   New Delhi, India

Relationship between glutathione s-transferase P1, M1, and T1 polymorphisms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Indian population

Mohammad Hossein Rahimi-Rad, Yosef Rasmi, Alireza Moaied-Kazemi   Urmia, Iran

Plasma homocysteine in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients

Ivana Filipovic, Ljiljana Isakovic, Jelena Isakovic   Sokobanja, Serbia

Anthropometric and spirometric characteristics of women suffering from COPD

Ljiljana Isakovic, Jelena Isakovic, Ivana Filipovic   Sokobanja, Serbia

Correlation between Borg score, VAS and lung function in patients with asthma and COPD

Marko Mazibrada   Belgrade, Serbia

Epidemiological characteristic of patients with newly diagnosed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Mazibrada Marko   Belgrade, Serbia

Clinical characteristic of patients with newly diagnosed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Mohammad Hossein Rahimi-Rad, Alireza Moaied-Kazemi, Yosef Rasmi  Urmia, Iran

Value of high sensitive C-reactive protein measurements in exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Mezini Arian, Silvana Bala, Loreta Agolli   Tirana, Albania

Noninvasive ventilation in treatment of patients with very severe stage of COPD

T. Grzetic-Romcevic , S. Sonc, B. Devcic   Sezana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Frequent hospital readmissions for acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Michelle Angela L. Tan-Reyes   Quezon City, Philippines

The role of N-acetylcysteine in reducing number of exacerbations in patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; a meta-analysis

Georgios Mathioudakis, G. Stavroula Amanetopoulou, Eustathia Evagelopoulou, Georgia Simou, Euridiki Kyritsi, Hlias Perros, Ioannis Gialmanidis, Alexandros Mathioudakis, Eleni Tagka, Eleni Christopoulou   Pireas, Greece

The effect of long-term use of low-dose inhaled steroids in osteoporosis incidence among COPD patients: Two bad predispositions make one good results

Aida Ustamujic, Vesna Cukic, Hasan Zutic, Irma Sladic, Senahid Krekic, Miran Konjic   Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Infection as a comorbidity of COPD in our clinic during 2004-2010

Ivana Filipovic, Ljiljana Isakovic, Jelena Isakovic   Sokobanja, Serbia

Correlation between body mass index, gender type, smoking habits and severity of COPD

Jelena Isakovic, Ljiljana Isakovic, Ivana Filipovic   Sokobanja, Serbia

The significance of the 6-minute walk test in assessing the efficiency of physical training in patients with COPD

Vesna Cukic, Aida Ustamujic, Hasan Zutic, Vladimir Lovre, Senahid Krekis   Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Development of cor pulmonale in patients with COPD

Onerci Metin, Elsurer Cagdas, Guzel E. Elif, A. Dagdeviren   Ankara, Turkey

The role of inflammatory cells, adhesion molecules, intermediate filaments and chemokine receptors in the pathogenesis of nasal polyps

Adnan Bajraktarevic, Milan Miokovic, Semira Penava, Amra Junuzović Kaljić, Dragica Abduzaimovic , Begler Begović, Amina Selimović, Irma Dovadzija, Teodora Frankic, Dragana Boldic, Lutvo Sporisevic, Jasna Gutic , Aida Dju-lepa Djurdjevic  Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzogovina

Requirements for allergen-induced airway hyperreactivity in children

Milena Yankova, Rada Markova, Ivanka Galeva   Sofia, Bulgaria

Epdemiologic study on acute bronchiolitis in hospitalized infants aged 124 months

Katerina Boskovska, Marija Maneva, Lidija Petrusevska, Trajanka Ilievska   Kozle, Skopje, Macedonia

Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection and asthma exacerbation in children

Cheraghi Maria   Ahvaz, Iran

Asthma risk factors amongst male and female school children in Pune city, India

Svetlana Kamenov, Lozana Markovic, Aleksandar Kamenov, Borislav Kamenov   Nis, Serbia

Bronchodilataton response in asthmatic children

Soheil Alyasin, Afagh Moattari   Shiraz, Iran

Human-metapneumovirus in admitted children with wheeze

Tooba Momen, Soheila Alyasin, Sara Kashef, Reza Amin   Shiraz, Iran

The relationship between serum 25 hydroxy vitamin D levels and asthma in children

D.U. Nwaneri, W.O. Osarogiagbon, O. Oviawe  Benin City, Nigeria

Care-giver perception of diagnosis and home treatment of children with asthma in Benin City, Nigeria

Renata Pecova, Tatiana Michnova, Jaroslav Fabry, Tomas Zatko, Martina Neuschlova, Zoltan Tomori  Bratislava, Martin, Dolny Smokovec, Kosice, Slovak Republic

Influence of aspiration reflex on cough reflex sensitivity in asthmatic children

Macheska Gordana Badzakova, Katerina Obocki   Skopje, Macedonia

Management of the asthma control in childhood exhaled nitric oxide fractions in asthmatic children in primary care

Maria Restrepo C., Ricardo Cardona V., Angela M. Cardona  Medellin, Colombia

Experience with the use of Omalizumab in a patient under 6 years

Maria Restrepo C., Ricardo Cardona, Carlos Chinchilla  Medellin, Colombia

Impact of Omalizumab on quality of life of a pediatric patient

Aamir Magzoub, Asma Elsony, Omer Musa   Khartoum, Sudan

Validation of International Study of Asthma and Allergy in Childhood Questionnaire for asthma diagnosis in adult university students and workers using pulmonary function tests

Sinha Sukrat, Sundaram Shanthy, Kumar Vijay, Tripathy Ashutosh   Allahabad, India

Modulation of ABC transporters for effective drug influx during the course of treatment in Visceral Leishmaniasis patients

Tuesday, May 3, 10.00 17.00

Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Centre,
LA SEINE Meeting Room ABC Foyer

Poster Session


Manana Jgenti
Todor Popov
Mzia Tsereteli

V.P. Kolosov, M.Y. Scheglova   Blagoveshchensk, Russia

Features of functioning of immune system in bronchial asthma

T. Ghonghadze, E. Kutsia, T. Zhorzholiani, E. Pheradze   Tbilisi, Georgia

Evolution of infants acute bronchiolitis with wheezing in breastfed and formula fed infants and nebulizer therapy by hypertonic solution

A. Eyubova, T. Panakhova   Baku, Azerbaijan

Immunomodulator in treatment scheme of bronchial asthma in children

A. Aghayeva, L. Allahverdieva, L. Gasimova    Baku, Azerbaijan

About the differential diagnosis of bronchial asthma and COPD

L. Andries, E. Berezovskaya, T. Gorelko, D. Barba, T. Kuleshina, L. Tsaralunge, G. Kazaku   Chisinau, Moldova

Epidemiological, clinical and immunological features of allergic diseases in Moldova

A.A. Ejubova, L.I. Allahverdieva, G.P. Ahmedova   Baku, Azerbaijan

Immunoregulator Imunorix in therapy of atopic asthma of various severity

D. Fomina, L. Goryachkina   Moscow, Russia

Neutrophilic component of inflammation has to be taken into consideration at the time-points of choosing the regime and the duration of treatment in patients with persistent atopic bronchial asthma

L.I. Allahverdiyeva, A.K. Agayeva, L.E. Gasimova   Baku, Azerbaijan

Peculiarities of cytokine profile in bronchoobstructive pathology

T. Mamaladze, D. Tchkonia, K. Vacharadze   Tbilisi, Georgia

Tuberculosis: the case report

S.S. Ovakimyan, K.G. Karagezyan, O.M. Amirkhanyan, Sur.S. Ovakimyan, V.Kh. Mamikonyan, D.A. Arutyunyan   Yerevan, Armenia

Phospholipid changes in tubercular inflammation of lung tissue in experiment

A.R. Aghasiyev, K.F. Aghayeva   Baku, Azerbaijan

The role of psychotherapy in the rehabilitation of patients with arterial hypertension on the chronic bronchitis background in the sanatorium conditions

O.V. Lychak, M.A. Bondarenko, A.N. Bondarenko   Krasnodar, Russia

Rehabilitation therapy of the concurrent pathology of posture and occlusion among schoolchildren

Y. Pashkov, O. Bryekhov, V. Kramar, O. Poliakov, M. Kalinin, V. Volkov, O. Kovalenko   Sevastopol, Ukraine

Biomechanical aspects of rehabilitation of patients with implanted massive dynamic metalware

K.Yu. Obidnyy, O.A. Korshukova, N.P. Zabelina   Vladivostok, Russia

Research into biocenosis of parodontal fissures by means of polymerase chain reaction method by means of Femoflor device among the group of patients suffering from chronic generalized periodontal disease

A.A. Petenkova, R.I. Kovalenko, E.M. Tsoy   Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Influence of nitrogen-containing xenobiotics on migratory activity of leukocytes induced by catecholamines

N.A. Brodovikova, I.V. Gavrilov, I.E. Valamina   Yekaterinburg, Russia

Research of geroprotective mechanisms of interleukin-2 on laboratory animals

G. Giborkin, N. Yakovlev, A. Filina, I. Gavrilov, V. Meschaninov   Yekaterinburg, Russia

Cell and metabolic effects of L-arginine and alpha-fetoprotein as possible geroprotectors

Y.A. Zhukova, S.V. Romanova, N.A. Kaplina, L.V. Korkotashvilly, M.V. Groshovkina, I.A. Tymchenko   Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Correction of effects of antivirus therapy for children with chronic virus hepatitis B and C

G.D. Akhmedov, A.M. Panin, V.P. Tsarev   Moscow, Russia

Immunophophylaxis of infectious inflammatory complications in patients prepared for surgical intervention in oral cavity

M.G. Gazazyan, I.N. Mazepkina, I.V. Stepanenko, S.M. Yudina   Kursk, Russia

Immunological markers of transformation of intrauterine infection during pregnancy into infectious diseases of newborns

M. Karimova   Baku, Azerbaijan

The role of cytokine status and substance P in frequently ailing children

M.V. Subbotina., S.V. Dudkin   Irkutsk, Russia

The influence of Fusafungine on the mucocellular clearance of healthy men

M.V. Subbotina   Irkutsk, Russia

Nasal mucus pH of a healthy man and a substantiation of acute rhinitis treatment with basic solutions

O.I. Alborov, I.L. Alborova, N.B. Filatova, G.M. Chichiev, E.A. Dorogovtseva   Vladimir, Russia

Botox in complex rehabilitation of patients with paresis Erba

Yu.Ye. Rohovyy, O.V. Zalyavskaya, V.V. Belyavskiy, L.O. Philipova

Chernivtsi, Ukraine

A rehalibitation effect of water with low surface tension on the functional condition of the kidneys

N.V. Makhneva, E.B. Davidenko, L.V. Beletskaya   Moscow, Russia

Clinical course prognosis for the autoimmune pemphigus by evaluation of the character of immunoglobulin fixing in sites of antigen targets localization

I.G. Ostrovskaya, E.A. Savinova   Moscow, Russia

The maintenance of proteins of immune system in the pulp of the deciduous teeth at the inflammation

T.P. Vavilova, L.V. Dubova, T.B. Kitkina   Moscow, Russia

Research of specific IgE and IgG antibodies to ions of metals in plasma of blood in vitro

V.E. Kazmirchuk, D.V. Maltsev   Kiev, Ukraine

Clinical forms of herpes viral neuroinfections

N.E. Ivanova, E.N. Zharova, Ya.N. Mashkovskaya, A.S. Mustafaeva, F.M. Sokolova, N.A. Sokolova   Saint Petersburg, Russia

Contemporary trends of neurorehabilitation in neurosurgery

S.V. Romanova, Y.A. Zhukova, N.A. Kaplina   Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Antivirus therapy of chronic hepatitis in children

B.V. Karalnik, T.G. Denisova   Almaty, Kazakhstan

Immunomodulation and stages of antigen specific response to herpes vaccine

Elchin Huseynov Mammad   Baku, Azerbaijan

Rehabilitation of post-brucellosis patients

M.G. Gazazyan, S.V. Petrov, A.V. Hardikov  Kursk, Russia

Immunological equivalents of the degree of severity of chronic salphingoophoritis

.N. Kobyl'nik, .V. Kulibaba, .. Yanchukova, .Yu. Razumnova, .P. Kara, .V. Bezusov   Odessa, Ukraine

Attended of immune answers indexes, basic links of ascorbic acid metabolism in mature and embryonic tissues of rats at allotransplantation

M.O. Zhuravleva   Orenburg, Russia

The immune status of reactive arthritis patients

K.A. Zinkovskiy, S.G. Morozov   Tver, Russia

Some aspects of changes in the level of autoantibodies to glial fibrillary acidic protein in patients with epilepsy

T. Chkhikvadze, K. Giorgadze, D. Jikia, V. Archvadze   Tbilisi, Georgia

Rehabilitation of the patients after inguinal hernia repair according to Desardass method

E.A. Yakimenko, N.V. Bashmakova, O.Ya. Tjagaj, V.V. Dets, O.E. Kravchuk, N.N. Antipova, V.V. Tbilyeli, A.A. Kotsjubko, L.I. Danilchenko, V.N. Bondar, V.A. Karatayeva, S.V. Koljuchaja, I.A. Sidorenko, A.G. Gukovich     Odessa, Ukraine

Immunocorrection of metabolic syndrome by combined application of preformed physical factors, preparations of embryofetoplacent complex, aerobic exercises under the medical exercises program

R.G. Fedina   Novosibirsk, Russia

The mechanisms of regulation and interaction of human hormonal-metabolic characteristics against the background of ecological stress

K. Fedulova, I. Gavrilov   Yekaterinburg, Russia

Features age-dynamics of blood pressure in ambulatory and in-patients of both sexes of Sverdlovsk region

N.G. Kozinina, O.A. Korshukova, V.A. Sharkova, N.P. Zabelina   Vladivostok, Russia

Role of microbial factor in development of cervical intraepithelial neoplasiae

I. Gavrilov, V. Lukash, I. Valamina, V. Meshaninov   Yekaterinburg, Russia

Hepatocellular mechanisms of ageing in chronic blood loss in rats

V.A. Sharkova, S.N. Rakhmanova   Vladivostok Russia

Microbiocoenotic structure of different clinicomorphological forms of acne elements

R. G. Fedina, L.. Dubkovskaya, and .N. Patrushev   Novosibirsk, Russia

The importance of healthy life style development for young people

V.Kh. Mamikonyan, O.M. Amirkhanyan, S.S. Ovakimyan, K.O. Ovnanyn, G.A. Gyulbudagyan, K.G. Karagezyan   Yerevan, Armenia

Hapatoprotective effect of grape seeds in carbon tetrachloride poisoning

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